Chronological list of posts

SSH Tunnels and Systemd

btrfs Magic

25 Years of Linux as My Primary System


1980s Connectivity From Rural Kansas via Amateur Radio

Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Hugo


Coping With Color on the Linux Console (and XTerm and friends)

Tinkering in the terminal with tput


N0NB at 21


Running N1MM+ logger with Wine on Debian Buster

A personal milestone and a look back


4 State QRP Group Bayou Jumper (Paraset inspired QRP XCVR)


Compiling WSJT-X 1.7.0 on Devuan Jessie

My first introduction to amateur radio

Running Electraft utilities on Linux amd64 and multiarch

Enabling sysvinit on Minibian Jessie


New weather station online


Defining your own happiness

Marshall County ARC Field Day featured in ARRL Midwest Division newsletter

Debian 7.3.0 (Wheezy) in VirtualBox



Hams we are!


Kansas Weather Net: 55+ years and going strong!

A word on amateur radio kits

Kit building, a journey into amateur radio

“Ghost” a partition contents with rsync

The Lutheran Reformation

KZ650 with its new livery

KZ650’s old livery

Weather Underground bought by The Weather Channel Companies (NBC) has a new home!

A QEMU image for Debian armel

Disabling the touchpad on a Dell E6400 with Xubuntu

Restoring screen brightness step size on XFCE4

Father Time is gaining


Is money the root of all evil?

An open letter to World Radio magazine and CQ Communications

An SQL query for unique SKCC numbers in CQRlog

Accessing the MySQL server spawned by CQRlog

Fun with the FUNcube Dongle

Another tale on my entry to amateur radio

The Novice license turns 60!

On the road again!

Woo Hoo! 1st place 2010 Sweepstakes phone, low power, KS section

IPv6 in OpenWRT and beyond

qst2pdf, a program to convert QST View images to a single PDF per issue

Enable the PC speaker beep in XFCE Terminal

Witness to history

Welcome to N0NB!