N0NB.us has a new home!

Posted by Nate Bargmann on Sun, Jun 17, 2012

This past week N0NB.us moved to a new hosting provider, www.qth.com.  The hosting  site is owned and operated by Scott, KA9FOX, and offers a combination of personal and commercial accounts.  A number of amateur radio suppliers have been hosted on QTH.com for years so it’s nice to be in good company.

Scott expertly handled the details of transferring my files and database information and then provided a foolproof process of transferring my domain to QTH.com as the registrar.  Everything worked smoothly and much faster than I had planned.  Even though the account with the previous Web host didn’t expire for six months, I wanted to start early to avoid Mr. Murphy’s best laid plans.  Well, we got the jump and Murphy didn’t even know what hit him!

Another bonus is getting consistent answers and responses from one person with a vested interest in my business.  The support by committee approach probably works well in the board room, but when I deal with a different agent each time on the same issue, I get the feeling that sooner or later the ball will be dropped and it probably won’t land in my court.

Best of all is that I’ll no longer be helping to pay for advertizing of questionable taste nor funding a company that at times seemed to oppose an open and free Internet, at least until it was clear that supporting PIPA/SOPA earlier this year would cost them business.  Guess what guys, it just did!