Woo Hoo! 1st place 2010 Sweepstakes phone, low power, KS section

It’s official!  Your humble scribe has taken first place in the Kansas ARRL section in the November 2010 Sweepstakes phone contest.  While there are a lot of qualifiers to this milestone achievement, it has been a long time in coming.

Of interest is that my money band turned out to be 80m.  Part of the reason may be the Electraft K3 acquired about six weeks before the event and the other part is likely raising my doublet to a somewhat respectable height for NVIS.  The combination allowed me to hold a running frequency which I could not do on the higher bands with only a vertical.  Amateurs familiar with the US 80m allocation can attribute to the wide phone spectrum the reason a low powered NVIS station could do so well on the band.

Now, I’m patiently waiting for the certificate to arrive.


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