New weather station online

After ten years of reliable service, I have replaced the Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2000 with a Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless unit. This allows me to have the sensor unit a greater distance from the shack as it will transmit to consoles up to 1000 feet away at a location better suited for accurate measurements.  Data is being posted to the Weather Underground site and to the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP)Quality analysis will also be performed within a few days and the data should be picked up by MADIS by 20 May.

The hardware setup is the Davis data logger with a USB connection.  The software used is WeeWX, which handles archiving the data to a database and sending current conditions to Weather Underground once per minute and CWOP every ten minutes.  Future plans include transmitting the data to the local APRS amateur radio packet network, although a few things need to be worked out for that and an increase in local activity would be nice.

Regardless, the weather data is looking good over the past several days.


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