The Metal Ready step

There isn't much to this step except be sure that the tank is completely clean and dry. Then cover the bottom openings securely. I found duct tape worked well. Next, pour in the quart of Metal Ready without diluting it and cover the filler securely.

Spend the next 30 to 45 minutes gently sloshing the Metal Ready around the tank to allow it to work on all parts of the tank. Knowing that the top side of my tank had the most rust and scale I let it soak upside down for several minutes and sloshed it occasionally.

I did have some seepage through the tape covering the filler hole again during this step. I suspect it was because of the shape and lack of a large flat area around the fill hole as the tape over the bottom ports held fast.

I drained the Metal Ready back into the original bottle as POR-15 says that it is reusable (I would strain it, though, as it loosened up quite a few more rust particles). I then rinsed the tank with water another five times.

Having a small Hoover vacuum cleaner available I lashed up the following setup which worked well:

Drying the tank Drying the tank

I dried the tank in several stages for about five hours of total drying time. The tank now appeared ready for the Tank Sealer.

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