Kawasaki's online parts catalog

One of the most useful sites for a KZ owner is Kawasaki's own buykawasaki.com which features, amongst other things, an online parts catalog. Fortunately, it covers bikes as old as my 1979 models and older.

To get to the catalog follow the "View Parts Diagrams" link in the section titled "Vehicle Information" on the left side of the page. Follow the menus through selection of the vehicle type, year, engine size, and model to the parts manual. For the older models only the parts diagrams appear to be online as the manuals and specifications links return no documents.

I found that by zooming in on the diagram and then right-clicking in the frame and selecting the print frame option I could print out the complete diagram. Also, right-clicking in the parts list frame and printing the list gives a nice companion to the diagram. In this manner I was able to print my own parts manuals for my bikes. Unfortunately, I had to do this on a Windows machine as the menu along the top of the diagram frame doesn't work on Mozilla on Linux. I guess I'll have to file a bug report. :-(

buykawasaki.com screenshot

buykawasaki.com screenshot

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