Marshall County ARC Online Exam Registration

This is an experimental (temperamental?) form for registering for the MCARC exam sessions. If you don't receive a reply within 48 hours of submitting this form, please follow up to with the information to register for the exam.

If you have any problems using this form please email with a brief description of the problem you encountered. Thanks!

Privacy Statement

The information gathered from this form is used solely for pre-registration purposes of the MCARC Exam Team. With the exception of a telephone number, everything asked on this form can already be gathered by call-sign lookup on any of the Internet call servers. This information will be transmitted in plain text to my email address and I will try to respond via email within 48 hours.

Please enter your name, call-sign (if licensed), mailing address, a telephone number where you can be reached should I have any questions, and your email address.

Contact Information
Last Name:
First Name:  Middle Initial:
Call-sign:  (if licensed)

City:  State:  Zip:

Phone: ()-

Now, please answer the following questions about the license you currently hold and what elements you wish to take:

Current License Class
Not licensed Novice Technician 
General  Advanced

Please select the exam element(s) you wish to take:

Exam Elements
Element 2: 35 Question Technician written exam
Element 3: 35 Question General written exam
Element 4: 50 Question Extra written exam

Here is a free-form text entry box where you can add any additional data you feel is important such as a second telephone number or the time of day you wish to be called.


Thanks for using the MCARC online exam registration form. We look forward to seeing you at the next exam session.

Good luck!

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