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Why would an ordinary, mostly sane (that's open to debate!) ham radio operator who's been content to browse the web suddenly get the itch to have a home page? After all, haven't home pages become clichéd by now, seemingly the modern equivalent of the pet rock (of course now one has to have a blog to be cool)? So, why add yet another...Oh! Excuse me. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nate Bargmann and I reside in Marysville, Kansas. NØNB is my Federal Communications Commission assigned Amateur Radio Service call-sign. I've held a ham radio license since 1983 when I received my former call-sign KAØRNY. In late 1998 I was able to apply for and receive a set of call letters of my choice, so I chose NØNB. While it may seem KAØRNY or NØNB are simply random collections of alpha-numeric characters, there is in place a worldwide allocation system that assures no two licensees will have the same combination (see the call-sign link above).

If you're worrying this is yet another ham radio page full of links, relax, you can find a lot of them on WM7D's page which includes a call-sign database. My focus is on providing useful information so that hams can make an informed choice of whether Linux could be useful to them. At some point I aim to put together a Linux based ham radio TCP/IP switch and document it here. On this particular page I intend to put those snippets and errata that won't really fit anywhere else. I won't bore you with my autobiography ('cause it's too dang hard to write about myself...) nor will you find my picture lurking somewhere waiting to burn out your monitor!

Check out the Web site of my employer, Union Pacific Railroad.
Trans-continental Railroad Great Event
My thanks to UPRR Electronics Technician Mike Nay of Salina, KS
for supplying the original graphic which is based on the "Great Event"
bill advertising the opening of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869.

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