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Restoring screen brightness step size on XFCE4

I’ve been annoyed by the behavior of recent Debian/XFCE4/GNOME3 releases that have reduced the number of screen brightness levels from the T60’s default of 8 to 4.  The problem seems to stem from the removal of hal from recent desktop … Continue reading

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Fun with the FUNcube Dongle

Late last year a new Software Defined Radio (SDR) project hit the amateur radio market place, the FUNcube dongle from AMSAT UK (FCD).  It is a receiver covering the spectrum of approximately 64 to 1700 MHz and presents a USB … Continue reading

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IPv6 in OpenWRT and beyond

With the recent assignment of the last IPv4 /8 address blocks it seemed the time was right to learn about implementing IPv6 on my home LAN.  Actually, I blame Andrew Pollock’s February 1 post on Planet Debian for giving me … Continue reading

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Enable the PC speaker beep in XFCE Terminal

This proved to be a simple fix, follow the instructions.  This assumes the pcspkr kernel module is loaded (`lsmod | grep pcspkr’) and not blacklisted in a file in /etc/modprobe.d On to the next question, why?  Since I began using … Continue reading

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Witness to history

Upon graduating high school 30 years ago this week (back then mid-term graduation was available upon having enough credits and a job (farming counted!) even though I would not receive my diploma until May, I was technically graduated) and finding … Continue reading

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